Compulocks Reveals a New Verifone Stand for the All-in-one Carbon Mobile 5 Terminal

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Compulocks provides the most secure and durable technology to help streamline the checkout process

SACRAMENTO, CaliforniaSept. 4, 2019 


The Carbon Mobile 5 Verifone terminal coupled with its new Compulocks EMV stand combines mobility, payment and commerce into one powerful solution. From small businesses to large global retailers, everyone will soon be able to accelerate business using this mobile solution.

Compulocks is thrilled to develop the most effective multi-use EMV stand for commerce, making sure the Carbon Mobile 5 cutting edge POS EMV stand is equipped with the most secure and durable technology.

This adaptable, end-to-end product will not only enable payment acceptance, but also will allow businesses to improve their staff performance by making everything mobile. Carbon Mobile 5 supports integrations with existing systems and supports in-aisle sales, clienteling and endless aisle solutions.

The foundation of this scalable solution is Verifone Trusted Android, a locked-down version of Android 7 OS. With cardholder data secured by Verifone's Engage payment engine, Carbon Mobile 5 provides merchants safe access to the Android developer ecosystem to integrate business apps with existing systems.

This EMV Terminal Stand came to life after numerous Verifone customers reached out to Compulocks, asking for a dedicated EMV stand for their Carbon Mobile 5. There were requests for the stand to not only be able to be securely attached to a table by adhesive or screws, but also to have a built- in slide and lock system. For this reason, it is super easy to detach the Carbon Mobile 5 from the stand, hand it to the customer for pin entry and slide it back into place with or without using the built-in lock. Furthermore, the Carbon Mobile 5 stand can be rotated allowing you to display all the necessary information on the spot.

Compulocks also developed a low-profile magnetic cable that prevents any damage to the terminal which might occur if someone removes the terminal off its stand while forgetting to detach the charging cable. This Magnetic cable is equipped with LED lighting that indicates when is charging. To protect the terminal stand against theft, you have the option to secure it using the built-in lock or to add a security cable lock.

With and without the integrated printer, the advantages of being able to do all from one single mobile device is changing the way services are offered. The freedom it gives to the establishment and customers is translated into more dynamic and fast-paced environments, it is clear that such an effective terminal needed to have its own accommodating and custom EMV stand.

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