Secure Apple's Brand New MacBook Pro 16" with Compulocks' Innovative Blade Lock Slot

Compulocks provides the first security solution on the market for Apple's latest model

SACRAMENTO, California, Nov. 19, 2019


Compulocks continues to lead the MacBook security market, once again being the first to market a security solution to Apple's newly launched Macbook Pro 16".

Making the previous 15" model obsolete, Apple's latest release has updated capabilities, including 64GB of memory and 8TB of storage - but no way to actually secure the device itself.

Compulocks' innovative universal Blade MacBook lock is adjustable to any MacBook device. It secures to the back of the device via industrial-strength adhesive and is extremely durable, being able to withstand over 100lb of force; watch it being put to the test in this video.

It is incredibly easy to install and can be ready for use within minutes! 

About Compulocks
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