Compulocks Introduces the New Microsoft Surface Go Lock

The Surface Go Anti-Theft Lock Includes a Retractable Locking Slot & Ergonomic Features

AUSTIN, TexasAugust 15, 2018


Recently Microsoft announced the release of the new Surface Go giving you laptop performance, tablet portability, and a touchscreen with the power of Windows 10.

The Microsoft Surface Go Lock by Compulocks can prevent theft in public places, thus protecting the actual investment, private or work related confidential information, especially in the new GDPR era.

The Blade Surface Lock is compatible with all surface models, including the Surface Pro and Surface Go.

The Blade Lock includes a retractable locking slot, which provides not only anti-theft protection, but also an ergonomic feature.

By adhering the lock to the tablet, the lock can also be used as an ergonomic hand grip and provides an improved, more comfortable typing experience.  

Click here to learn more about the Blade Surface Go Lock.